Control Chain Replacement Wheel Kresta Vertical Blinds…vintage


Replacement control wheel Kresta V40 mm vertical blind track

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Replacement control wheel for vintage Kresta vertical blind track.
**********This wheel is brown and is the last one I have********
Postage will be $10.95 as these wheels are more than 20mm across and will not fit in standard envelope to post.
 wheels are effected by the sun and loose their teeth and the slats or louvres will not rotate.
Easy fix, buy a  replacement second hand wheel and replace it.
The wheels I have in stock are In good condition and will give many more years of operation.
You may require a new thrust washer if you cannot remove the existing one without damaging it…supplied with each wheel.
We also have a wide variety of parts for Kresta blinds that are not listed on the  site.
Please email photos of broken parts and we will more than happy to help you fix your blinds….free service


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