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There are few things more frustrating than going to open or close your blinds, only to find that they aren’t functioning properly. Often, all it takes is for one part to break or go missing, and the entire set stops working altogether. This can be particularly annoying when you gently pull on the cord, only for one side of the blinds to shoot up. This tends to happen on a bad day when your patience is already running particularly thin.. 

Fortunately, at Blind Parts Aus, we understand that frustration all too well. Thus, we are proud to serve at your pleasure, stocking and providing a wide range of blind parts so that you can restore yours to working order as soon as possible.  

Contrary to what you might think, you don’t have to replace your blind altogether. Often, all that needs to happen is a quick and easy replacement of a simple and affordable part. 

Are you in need for some spare parts for your blinds or curtain rail?

Well, it just so happens that here at Blind Parts Aus we specialize in exactly that! Not only do we have a wide range of stock, but if you cannot find the parts you need, we will find them for you. You see, with over 2 decades of experience in the industry there are few styles of blind that we haven’t come across and if we are unable to identify what the part is, we can always suggest an appropriate, cost-effective solution. 

Blinds Parts Australia Wide

We stock parts for many styles of blinds. Most blind parts are made from plastic which can deteriorate and go brittle over time. The plus side, however, is that these parts are not expensive, so it makes sense to replace the parts and save the expense of buying a full new blind and the labour of having them installed.  

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Some Blinds Parts In Stock

Roller blind parts

 We have many pulleys, brackets, pin end replacement parts and more that will fit many roller blinds that are in need of repair. Click the link above to view our stock.


Roman Blind parts

 We have from cord locks, clear cord runners and swivel type runners to control mechanism’s. Click the link above to see our full range of stock


Venetian Blind parts

 We have an extensive collection of venetian blinds in stock. From braid buttons, pull cords to vintage metal hold downs. Just click the link about to see our full range


Remember if you don’t see what you need be sure to contact us for further advise and for free!