28mm Idler end generic retractable pin 6.00mm to suit 28mm drums on roller blinds


Cut down generic idler end to 28mm retractable pin

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Idler end with retractable pin to suit 28mm roller blind drum either metal or aluminium retractable pin is 6.00mm.

Colour availablity is dependent on what I have found, maybe black grey or white

Replacement parts when idler end has been damaged or spring within the idler end has lost its spring.
Retractable 6.00.mm pin suits most end brackets.
Also can replace fixed idler end pin on older style spring motor roller blinds
Warning….all control chains need to be attached to the wall or architrave as part of child safety laws that are now in place with a chain retainer sold on this site otherwise your insurance may not cover you if there is an accident…if in doubt refer Child Safety Corded Blinds on ACCC site

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Weight .510 kg
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 7 cm


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