Carrier lock for vertical blinds….generic & suntex…. locks fixed carrier in place


Carrier lock that locks fixed carrier in position on Uniline vertical blind tracks.
Postage & handling standard letter rate to protect item from damage

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Carrier lock that locks fixed carrier in position on Suntex & generic vertical blind tracks
Simply  remove slat, insert carrier lock over shaft and then rotate 90 degrees to lock into track.
Suitable for both generic & suntex tracks with removable hooks with slimline track, fits over first carrier closest to control. to lock in place
Over time , carrier locks becomes loose and slides back towards your controls and the first slat tangles with the controls, bloody annoying but install a new one at 65mm from controls for 127mm slats, 50mm for 100mm and 45mm for 89mm slats and job is done.
You can also cut a piece of tube that fits over the tilt rod between the cord lock and the control end that will stop the cord lock moving as above.
We can supply this tube also if required

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Dimensions 4 × 1 × .08 cm


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