Control Unit 42mm Kresta Vertical Blinds…vintage V40 replacement control end


Control unit Kresta vertical blind track V40 mm vintage track

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Control unit Kresta vertical blinds for vintage Kresta vertical blind track.
 This unit will replace broken control end or worn out control wheel on vintage Kresta vertical blinds tracks.
You will need to replace the existing unit with this new unit and job is done.
Suggest you take photos of how the cords run prior to dismantling the track 
You may require a new thrust washer if you cannot remove the existing one without damaging it…supplied with each end cap unit
We also have a wide variety of parts for Kresta blinds that are not listed on the  site.
Parcel post is required as the parts are too thick to fit  in a normal envelope without padding that is required to send your parts $10.25
Please email photos of broken parts and we will more than happy to help you fix your blinds….free service


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