Acorns for corded blinds 4 into 1 white push together style


These cord acorns make your blinds much safer and reduce the risk of children playing with them and look much more streamline.
Also helps stop multiple cord acorns clicking in the wind. and eliminates tangled cords and knots.
Up to 4 cords can be knotted off and added individually still retaining a safety aspect and cords will become much neater.
Add a safety tag for rental properties and you are all done when cords are secured around a cord cleat.

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Cord acorns clip/push together type most suited to slimline venetian blinds,
Up to 5 cords and go in with only one cord out the bottom to reduce the risk to children..
Can also be used on Roman blinds pleated blinds and any other corded blind where child safety is at risk.






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Weight .0010 kg
Dimensions 6 × 2 × 2 cm


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