Wide track Runner for Panel glide..black….. suit wide track style


Panel glide runners or carriers to suit most wide track systems.


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Panel glide runners or carriers that move your panels backwards and forwards.
These particular runners or carriers suit a lot of broad tracked panel glides and are also available in white or grey colours…see separate listings
If your panel glide running track to which the panel is attached using velcro has dropped or does not run freely then replacing these carriers or runners will fix the problem.
Remove the end cap and slide, replace broken runner and refit.
Replace end cap…job done
Not the right part, then send us a photo of the broken part, we may have it in stock but not yet on the site.
We offer a free service to help you diy your blinds.

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Weight .0010 kg
Dimensions 4 × 2 × 2 cm


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