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Carrier vintage vertical blind track 28mm flexalux..second hand only


Carrier Vintage vertical blind track 28mm…..second hand only available Rare Parts

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Carrier vintage vertical blind track suits flexalux brand
Second hand only available, but in good condition
Vintage parts, complete carriages, easy to remove the hook if you only need to replace it.
Gently pull on the broken hook then rotate slightly and the hook should pull out, then simply reverse your actions inserting the replacement hook.
These carriers are for vintage Flexalux (spelt differently) vertical blind tracks, you know the brand name but we cannot mention it, for fear of prosecution
Job done, if your carriage does not rotate or fails to re-align then email me and I will tell you how to fix it…for free

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Weight .0010 kg
Dimensions 8 × 4 × 2 cm


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