Carrier 28mm Kresta for V28 Vertical Blinds Deco Rod V2 Track second hand only Replacement Parts Flat hook


Replacement parts for Vertical blind tracks to suit Kresta 28mm deco rod vertical blinds track.
Very rare parts, second hand only available

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 Replacement parts for Kresta deco rod vertical blinds track 28mm vintage blinds flat grey hook style.
These parts are very rare parts and are only available second hand as no new parts are now produced and this type of blind has been discontinued.
Carriers are flat grey hook style and come complete with gold trim as per photos.
Round hook style carriers are also available, see separate listing V1
You may need other components like spacer links that we can supply if you have bent ones already in your track that would be stopping your slats from either stacking back or running out to the end of your track. also replacement thrust washers for ends of tilt rod.

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Dimensions 7 × 5 × 1.5 cm


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