Spacer links plastic 113mm to suit 127mm slats..pack of 10


Spacer links plastic to suit 127mm vertical blind tracks to reduce overlaps.
113mm spacer links for vertical blinds. Pack of 10

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Spacer links to suit plastic spacer link carriers.
Spacer links are used to set the overlap on your vertical blinds, these 113mm reduce the overlap at the stacking end of your blind.
Suit most generic carriers that have plastic spacer links and if you have broken carriers then we may have the carrier to fit, If you do not find it here please send a photo and we can help.. 
We recommend replacing all the links in your blind at the same time  as others may be brittle or bent and require replacement at a later date.  We also recommend lubricating the spacer links once installed with a silicone spray…NOT RP7 or CRC they are oil based and attract dust and jamb up.
Only available in 115mm or 113mm that suits carriers on most 127mm carriers in vertical blind tracks.
If you use 113mm spacer links it will help reduce the overlap usually seen on the stacking end of your blind as they will reduce the overlap by 2mm for each spacer link you change.
May cause slats to overlap more at the stacking end.

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