Carrier 40mm Kresta V40 version vertical blinds vintage tracks.. second hand only


Kresta carrier Vertical blinds, rare parts for vintage  Kresta tracks that are 40mm wide..second hand carriers only now available used.
We have lots of other parts to repair your Kresta tracks as well, just send us some pics of the broken parts.


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Kresta carrier to suit vintage vertical blind tracks 40mm…..Kresta tracks
used, just found a supply of these used but in good condition, very rare stock
Hook can be removed and refitted into your carriages, removing the need to totally disassemble the entire track and cords.
Sold only as complete carriage as when hook is removed carriage is useless.
You will probably need a new thrust washer as removing your existing thrust washer will more than likely render it useless and must be replaced, new thrust washers sold on this site. 
To replace the carrier or the hook the thrust washer on the non control end will need to be removed so all the carriers will slide out to be fixed. To re-assemble you will need a pair of pointy nose pliers to hold the tilt rod while you push the thrust washer back on with a hollow tool similar to one you would use for screwdriver bits.

Postage will be $3.95 for up to 10 carriers via Australia Post to Australian destinations.



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