Tilter 50mm low profile cord operated square drive low profile suits 40 x 50mm headrail low profile


Tilter for venetian blind 40 x 50mm square drive,

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Tilt mechanism for venetian blind with square drive suitable for 50mm venetian blind with low profile head rail 40mm x 50mm
We have not been able to find a supplier of this parts but below is link to what is a  compatible tilter.

Tilter 40 x 50mm low profile Cord operated square drive suits 40 x 50mm headrail

You will need your drive shaft on your blind to be square shape to suit 4mm shaft.
There are lots of different tilters or tilter mechanisms to suit venetian blinds so please check the measurements from my site with your blind before purchase.
Warning,,,,all corded blinds are now subject to ACCC laws regarding child safety…refer Accc/childsafety for further details. If your blinds are not child safe compliant and there is an issue, your insurance company my not cover you.

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